Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 5, 2009

Calling All Faithful Readers


Faithful Readers, I come to you today in need of some advice.

I am in a bit of a dilemma and I cannot think of any people more reliable to ask for advice than the fine folks who frequent my blog. So, without any further adieu, here’s the situation:

There’s been a whole butt-load of commercials on the radio recently pimping a Taylor Swift concert that’s coming to Boston. As a fan of Taylor’s music, and smoking hotness, I can’t help but feel encouraged to attend.

The question is…can a 25-year old dude attend a Taylor Swift concert that is undoubtedly going to be overrun with teenage girls who consider Taylor to be some sort of idol or role model?!

I feel that there are only three logical ways my attendance would be viewed…

1) If I attend the concert, I’m clearly just a fan of her beautiful vocal abilities and want to support her burgeoning career and concert series.

2) If I attend the concert, I’m clearly just there to try and plop a handful of roofies into Taylor’s bottled water and then drag her unconscious body back to my apartment where I have a lot of explaining to do to a confused and supremely disappointed Grace.

3) If I attend the concert, I’m clearly just a creepy 25-year old dude looking to scam on teenagers who are super-stoked that I can purchase them watered down, room temperature beers whilst we all rock out to Taylor.

And now you see the tough predicament I’m in. Clearly there are no easy answers, but that’s why you’re here. With that in mind, I must now ask all y’all for your opinions on the situation.

Is it cool for me to head to the Taylor Swift concert or should I just continue to admire her music—and the aforementioned smoking hotness—from afar?!




  1. Go Go to the concert I am pretty sure she is over 18 so it is not wierd for a 25 year old male to attend, do not check out any teenage girls though that could be a problem, ohh and take Grace with then you won’t look so strange…Oh the only wierd thing would be the dad’s of the teenage girls checkin out Taylor Swift. I don’t think you have a problem!


  2. Go to the concert; there will be LOTS of “country guys” there. (When & where is it?)


  3. i think you should opt to stay home. what good can come of you going? yes, you’ll see her hotness in person, but you already know she’s hot, so that won’t accomplish anything. the music might sound really good, but you already know how it sounds, so again, nothing accomplished.


    • …you pose good points Ms. Quick.

      Perhaps I’ll stay home and continue watching her music videos on YouTube…from a safe distance.


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