Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 5, 2009

Random Fact #617


Hey y’all, I’m back with yet another Random Fact to increase your knowledge for the upcoming release of “Trivial Pursuit: the Jeremiah Graves Edition.” It’s on the way…or so the folks at Parker Brothers keep telling me when I call, every hour on the hour.

FACT: I am both a great tipper and a horrible tipper.

EXPLANATION: I have been known to over-tip on many occasions as a result of some combination of bad math, too many beers or an attempt to impress those around me. Although I will say that I often go out of my way to tip well for good service and to tip very well for stellar service.

On a related note, it is a foregone conclusion that a cute gal will almost always receive a pleasant tip from me. In fact, during one outing I tipped $15 on a meal that cost me $8….she was very pretty and I was very 15-years old.

I am also one to under-tip a ton for crappy service. I have heard that it is more insulting to leave change for a tip as opposed to leaving no tip at all, as such anytime I receive awful service I like to leave a tip of like 37 cents or whatever it is that rounds the bill up to the next dollar.

My under-tipping policy applies to cute gals, just as much as it does to douchey dudes…so I guess that means I’m not completely sexist, right?!



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