Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | May 30, 2009

An Offer I Can’t Refuse…

...if all goes right, I'll be the fat reporter in dugout!!

...if all goes right, someday I'll be the fat reporter in the dugout!!

Y’all may have noticed that my blogging has been pretty infrequent in the past two weeks or so because, as is often the case when I’m traveling, my blogging suffers a bit.

Well there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to suffer a little more.

You see, Faithful Readers, I recently received an offer that I couldn’t refuse. It didn’t come from Don Corleone…but rather from some of the higher ups at

In simplified terms, Bleacher Report is just a blogging site, not unlike WordPress or Blogger, but with blogs related only to sports. A better description of what Bleacher Report is has been written up by the fine folks at TechCrunch and I’ll let you get their take on it for a more comprehensive idea of what I’m diving into here.

I’ve written some articles on Bleacher Report in the past and I’ve got a sister-site of sorts in my sports blog, entitled “Cheap Seat Chronicles.” I’ve been published as the sports blog of the day on FoxSports a handful of times as well and honestly I’ve always wanted to write about baseball…so when I got an email, sent directly to me from one of the higher-ups at Bleacher Report, I was intrigued.

Bleacher Report recently paired up with CBS Sports for football coverage in a deal that is completely groundbreaking as it allows Joe Blogger to suddenly become an actual correspondent to an NFL team. The details are here for anyone who is interested.

Apparently, they are hoping to pull off a similar situation for baseball as well and upon going back and reading some of my work, the folks at Bleacher Report thought I might fit the bill as a correspondent for the Minnesota Twins and a columnist for baseball in general.

To quote a few passages and stroke my own ego here are a few excerpts from the email:

“I read a couple of your Twins articles from a few months back and came away very impressed by your work.”

and this little ditty right here…

“The reason I’m reaching out to you is because we have started to build out our team sections and are looking for high quality writers, such as yourself, who we can turn into featured columnists to promote the best columns on the site while providing these strong writers with more exposure to their work. I could see you fitting into this role quite nicely for the Twins.”

With an opportunity like this I’ve decided I should probably devote a little more time to my sports coverage and a little less toward bitching and moaning about library patrons and describing my drunken exploits on the streets of Boston.

I have no intention to stop blogging here at “Blank Stares and Blank Pages,” as I’ve grown a surprisingly sizeable readership in the past few months and I do love the response to my ramblings. I love to write and hope to balance both blogs with (hopefully) a post every other day or so.

Anyway, I just wanted to give all my Faithful Readers a heads up that my posting here may become a little less frequent in the coming months.

But please keep reading…and feel free to wander over and check out “Cheap Seat Chronicles” if you ever have an urge for some quasi-biased baseball coverage.

(In July I received an update, click HERE for that story.)



  1. Fabulous news!


  2. Can I get your autograph?

    P.S. Jason Kubel


    • of course you can…i mean…it’ll cost you, but yes, yes you can!


  3. Awesome!!! I’ve been hoping you’d start writing in Cheap Seat Chronicles again.


  4. congratulations!!! that is so awesome! keep me posted on how it goes! i’m going to stop using exclamation points now.


  5. Well done!


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