Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 28, 2012

Let the Cat Countdown Commence

I’ve written before about how Grace and I both want a cat, but we’ve yet to take the plunge for various reasons…feces being the biggest reason of the bunch.

Well My Faithful Readers, feel free to get excited (assuming any of you give a rat’s ass), because we’re getting closer and closer to actually making it happen.

We’ve been talking a lot more about it lately and it feels like we’ve definitely taken the initial steps on the road to cat ownership.

The cat discussions have begun.

We’ve agreed that we both want to get our cat from a shelter.

We’ve agreed that we’re both cool getting an older cat instead of angling for just kittens.

We’ve agreed that we both dig short-haired cats over long-haired cats.

We’ve agreed that neither one of us really wants a white cat (they’re so hard to keep clean).

We’ve agreed that we both want a cat that will pay his/her portion of the rent and poop gold coins. Oddly enough, we haven’t found any listings for cats matching this description.

After that we’ve started to run into some issues.

Grace wants one cat.

Grace wants a chill cat to lie on her lap.
I want a cat that’s jacked-up on Adderall and Red Bull.

Grace wants a cat that doesn’t require her attention 24/7.
I want the cat’s attention 24/7…and Grace’s too…and probably yours as well.

Needless to say, we’ve run into some obvious roadblocks as we continue our slow march toward cat ownership.

Grace would like a cat that is less like me (read: needy, ADD, over-the-top energetic, in need of constant attention, Iowan, etc.) and instead is drastically more mellow and easy-going.

It’s hard to fault her on this. If you’ve already got one large animal you’ve got to handle that fits all those descriptions, why would you want a second one?!

Personally, I want a cat that is somehow just a reincarnated version of me from a different time and dimension that was magically transported to an animal shelter in present day Boston.

I can’t help but think we’ll work through this one. There are always those middle-of-the-road cats that can be both hyper and chill depending on their mood.

I want ALL the cats!!

One sticking point right now is that I want two cats.

I want to name them Turk and JD and frolic about our tiny apartment with them whilst dressed in my Batman costume.

Grace has drawn a line in the sand at one cat.

Her logic is that I am JD, so we can get just Turk and he’ll be all set. Also, I believe no one will be wearing a Batman costume in her scenario. This displeases me.

In the end, she’s probably right.

Scratch that, she’s always right.

She has a much better track record for “logical thinking” than I do in situations involving super cute cats.

There’s probably no good reason to jump into cat ownership by getting two cats for one tiny apartment that’s barely big enough for the two people who already live there.

Anyway, I’ll keep y’all posted as we go, but rest assured, the cat discussions have begun!



  1. CAT!!!!!!


  2. Sounds like you want my mom’s cat. He’s super playful, but is also a total lap cat. With her… and Drew… but not me, ’cause he knows I like to pick him up and therefore regards me with suspicion and disdain.


    • I will take that as permission to swipe your mother’s cat under the dark shroud of nightfall.


  3. A lot of people tried to convince me to get two cats, and I kind of regret not listening to them. Obviously, Oola is the greatest cat ever (no offense to your eventual cat), but I don’t think she’d understand now that another cat was meant to be her companion; I don’t want to say that she’d destroy it on sight, but her reaction wouldn’t be good.


    • Yeah, the two cats thing is kind of a sticking point right now.

      Two cats is supposed to be very good for keeping ’em more chill and social around the house and whatever. Grace just ain’t havin’ it.


  4. I vote for two. They keep each other company when you’re not home and they’re so cute when they snuggle together.


  5. I have to take my cat in to the vet today, I think he has a UTI. I had been gone a lot lately, and he started pissing in my shoes. At first I thought he was just mad, now I think something may be seriously wrong with him. I’m worried about my cat, but I am also worried this may cost me a small fortune, I usually avoid going to the doctor myself. Can you get health insurance for your cat?


    • I feel like I just read something about pet insurance the other day.

      That’s one of my big fears too, is that I’ll get a cat and it’ll need, like, a liver transplant or something and cost me thousands of dollars that I don’t have. Here’s hoping it all works out okay for you and you just need some pills or something?!


  6. He has a bladder stone (like a kidney stone). Now he antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory, and specialized acidic soft food that he needs to eat for the next month. $136.


    • Ugh. That sucks, but it seems like you dodged a bit of a bullet on this one, so that’s a huge plus. The stones suck but it’s no surgery or anything in the thousands. Expensive, but a small blessing comparatively speaking!

      Happy to hear it turned out (relatively) okay for both of you!


      • And I will probably get him one of those cat water fountains… The vet said cats are chronically dehydrated and don’t drink enough water. He suggested trying to put icecubes in his water dish to entice him to drink more water, but after talking to people and looking in pet stores a lot of people have said they prefer running water to stagnant water.


  7. […] laid out the issues at length in a previous entry, so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet […]


  8. […] as I am and wanted to hold off on bringing a cat into our tiny apartment. Much of this has been documented here before, so I’ll spare you any lengthy […]


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