Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 28, 2012

My Interoffice Mail > Your Interoffice Mail

I get the best interoffice mail.

In my time here I’ve received the following items via interoffice mail:

  • a baseball
  • a hand-drawn greeting card from Louisiana and Mardi Gras beads
  • a squishy whale wrapped in gold tinsel
  • a stress pig
  • a cute kittens calendar
  • three broken GI Joes
  • parts of various Mr. Potatohead dolls
  • two issues of Sports Illustrated from the late ‘90s
  • a sealed envelope labeled “private” with nothing in it
  • a bevy of lids from plastic Coke bottles
  • sixteen highlighters (all of them dried up and dead)
  • a ransom note from a garden gnome
  • half a case of PBR

I’m sure there are plenty more awesome things that I’ve received, but those are the ones that immediately pop into my mind.

This week I received yet another awesome surprise that came from the one and only DGobs!

When I opened the envelope, this is what I found first:

This is a pretty inviting message right off the bat.

It could have been a total sting operation or someone trying to serve me some court papers, but it would have worked.

In fact, something like this is probably the best way to sucker me into any sort of otherwise undesirable situation.

Seriously, if you put a note on cage full of angry, underfed, coked-out otters that says “stick your hand in here to see Katy Perry in a bikini!” I’d probably go ahead and jam my arm right into that cage, all the way up to the elbow.

Anyway…I unfolded the paper and what did I behold:

That’s right folks, exactly what was promised.

No court papers. No swarm of vicious killer bees. Heck, no paper cuts. Just a pretty lady frolicking in the waters of Hawaii on Christmas day whilst her marriage falls to shambles around her.

That’s good stuff right there.



  1. You’re welcome 😉

    Also, I had totally forgotten that I sent that to you until I read this post. Way to go, memory!


    • I was quite excited to receive it. Definitely the finest interoffice mail I’ve gotten in quite some time.


  2. I received interoffice mail for the first time today! It was from the Department of Music, and I was really excited I had some how won tickets to a theatre production or something. Nope, turns out they just sent me a pocket-schedule of events?


    • Boooooooooo!!

      What a tease. If you’re going to get mail from those peeps they should label it “nothing cool inside” right on the front to keep you from getting super excited. Totally not cool.


  3. […] tip to DGobs for the KP hookup, yet again) Share:EmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]


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