Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 15, 2012

Welcome to the List…

There is no way you haven’t encountered Ellie Kemper somewhere by now.

The name may not be familiar, but the face—and 10,000 watt smile—certainly are.

She plays ditzy receptionist Erin on The Office and she was Becca in last year’s hit comedy Bridesmaids.

Today she is the newest member of my official Celebrity Crush list.

Why you ask, My Faithful Readers?

Well, by golly, let me show you:

Let’s be real here folks, if you’re not at least crushing on her a little after that right there, I’m pretty certain that we can no longer be friends.

Feel free to watch it six or seven more times—it just keeps getting better—to see if that helps get you on board.

She’s cute. She’s funny. She bypasses photobombing and goes straight for dancebombing.

That’s enough to win me over, I don’t care if y’all are convinced or not…welcome to the list, Ellie!



  1. Cant watch video cause I refuse to watch the 2 and a half men advertisement


  2. […] become a bit of a tradition around here that I let y’all in on the action when I induct a new gal to my official Celebrity Crush […]


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