Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | February 10, 2014

Cutest Pet Contest

A Vote for Fridge Kitty is a Vote for Freedom (to Play in the Veggie Crisper)!!
My Faithful Readers, do you remember how I asked you for a favor last week?

Okay, cool…I need you to forget that I did that, because – surprise, surprise – I need another favor.

Well, technically, I don’t need a favor. It’s actually my cat and the shelter that she called home before she moved in with us (to employ me as her butler) that are in need of the favor.

Honey’s previous home, the Gifford Cat Shelter, is currently in the midst of their annual Cutest Pet Contest and, as you may recall from last week’s post, I’ve entered Honey into the mix to see if she can out-cute a slew of other pets.

She’s off to a very strong start, but I’d like to see her blow the (insanely cute) competition out of the water and help raise some serious coin for the folks at Gifford.

In the interest of providing a bit of background before you go tossing money to strangers, I figured you should know that the Gifford Cat Shelter is the oldest cageless, no-kill cat shelter in the United States. Yes, you read that right. Not the oldest in Boston. Not the oldest in Massachusetts. Not the oldest in New England. Not the oldest in places that view chowder as a legitimate food group. The oldest in the entire freakin’ country.

Needless to say, they’ve been at this for a little while now.

One of the reasons that Gifford has been able to stay open and operating as long as they have is due to the donations of their wonderful supporters and now each and every one of you has a shot to join that club of very awesome people. You can do so by voting for Honey (or any of the other fantastic felines) in the Cutest Pet Contest.

Each vote costs one dollar and you can vote as few or as many times as you’d like (and/or can afford). So whether you received a big ole tax return and it’s burning a hole in your pocket or if you’ve just got a couple of bucks in change in the cup-holder of your Nissan Sentra, it’s all welcome and very much appreciated.

That’s right folks, not only do you have the chance to inflate my cat’s already ballooning ego, but you get to contribute to a great cause as well. That’s what the management books call a win-win. Toss in the fact that you’ll feel pretty good as a result and you’re looking at the oft-elusive win-win-win scenario. That’s the good stuff, y’all.

I’ve included step-by-step instructions for the voting process as it can be just a wee-bit confusing about where/when/how to enter the name of the pet you’re voting for in the contest.

I want to go ahead and say thank you in advance (from myself, the Gifford Shelter, and – especially – Honey) to anyone who is considering giving a donation.

Gifford Cat Shelter

Cutest Pet Contest Voting Instructions

Step One

Visit the Cutest Pet Contest website to vote.

The page can be found (and shared) at

Step Two

Look at all of the pretty kitties!! Seriously, look at ’em!! How freakin’ adorable are these fuzzy little buggers?!

Now choose which cat or cats you intend to vote for in the contest. It’s okay if it’s a hard decision for you.

Step Three

Click on the “Donate” button to vote.


Note: be sure that you’re clicking on the “Donate” button in the middle of the page, as it is directly linked to the contest. The “Donate” button in the upper right-hand corner is for general donations to the shelter (which are also a-okay, but not for our current ballot box stuffing purposes).


Step Four

Now you’re on the Paypal login page. From here you can enter the amount you want to donate (remember $1 = 1 vote) and sign in via Paypal to pay.


Note: If you don’t have Paypal or you’d prefer to pay with a credit card, you can do that by clicking the credit card option near the bottom left-hand side of the page. You’ll still fill in the amount at the top of the page and then you’ll submit your credit card information on the next page.


Step Five

This one is important; this is where you enter which cat your votes are backing. On the review donation page, under the amount you’re donating, you’ll see a link that reads “Add special instructions to the seller.” Click this link to open up a dialogue box.


Step Six

Enter the name of the cat who is receiving your vote(s). If you don’t fill this in, the votes won’t go to any of the cats. Even if you don’t vote for Honey, make sure you put a name in this box. I mean, honestly, do you want a dozen sad, unfunded cats haunting your dreams? I think not.


Step Seven

Click the yellow “Donate $” button at the bottom of the page to complete the donation.


Step Eight

Shortly after you’ve submitted the donation, you’ll get the confirmation screen (and a confirmation email) and you’re done!


At this point you should feel free to pat yourself on the back. You’ve donated to a fantastic cause and – assuming Honey received your vote – you’ve made my cat’s day.

All-in-all, I’d call that a win.



  1. Done! I must say, there are easier ways to make that work with PayPal, but I suppose they are rightfully spending their resources on the kitties…


    • Thanks, Darcy!!

      Yeah, the website and some of the donation interface leaves a bit to be desired, but I think you’re right, it means the funds are going to the kitties and not to a web designer, which is probably a-okay in the grand scheme of things.


  2. Honey just got 15 votes from me! 🙂


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