Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | February 5, 2014

Crowdsourcing: Cutest Pet Contest


My Faithful Readers, I need your help.

I’m looking to enter Honey in the annual “Cutest Pet Contest” at the Gifford Cat Shelter – the same place where we adopted Honey – but I’m not sure which photo to use, so I’ve decided to go the crowdsourcing route.

I’ve gone through my (vast) archives and selected what I consider to be her sixteen best photos and put them all in one Facebook photo album. This is where all y’all come into the picture. In order to help me select which photo to enter into the contest, I’m going to base it on your input.

I need you to do two small things for me:

1) Go to the Facebook photo album.
2) “Like” the photos you dig the most.

That’s it.

I’ll enter the photo with the most “likes” into the contest and – undoubtedly – dominate the whole thing.

The contest runs for the month of February, so I’m already burning valuable voting time, so I’ll take whichever photo is the leader by the end of the day Friday, February 7, and enter that one into the contest.

Help me decide, y’all!!



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