Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 11, 2013

Viral Video: The Worst Person in the World

He's here to make the donuts, not put up with your bullshit!

It’s over, y’all.

We can just shut it all down now; the search for the worst person in the world has reached its inevitable conclusion.

This crazy chick filming her breakdown at a Dunkin’ Donuts has won the award and there’s pretty much zero chance anyone is going to take it from her anytime soon.

The entire incident – as far as the video shows – was fueled when the lady didn’t get a receipt after paying for an order at Dunkin’ Donuts.

I can attest that they do, in fact, have signs posted saying that if you don’t receive a receipt, your order is on the house. That much I can verify. Anything beyond the fact that this policy exists, however, is entirely debatable.

This feels like more than enough exposition, let’s head right into the craziness (note: this video contains some NSFW language):


Call me crazy, but I bet you want to punch her in the face a little bit right now, huh?

How these Dunkin’ peeps put up with this garbage for hourly salaries is beyond me.

The dude at the counter and “Needee” must be the patron saints of “not knocking lunatics the hell out.”

I also feel so bad for plaid shirt guy, just getting sucked into this whole mess. Dude just wants a cup of mediocre coffee and a glazed donut. He doesn’t want to hear some crazy lady’s bullshit rants, he doesn’t want to give his opinion of the staff at Dunkin’ Donuts, and he sure as hell doesn’t want to be in this damned viral video.

Part of me hopes that the video cuts off where it does because the police finally showed up and arrested her ass or that the rest of the Dunkin’ part-time, day shift came in and attacked her like a pack of wolves.

I don’t normally endorse bullying, but if people want to find out who this lady is and harass the hell out of her until her 15 minutes are up, I think it’d be just peachy.

…just the f’n worst.

PS: Does anyone else REALLY want a Coolata now?!

(Blogger’s Note: In case you want to relive any of that craziness, the folks at The Consumerist have a nice rundown of some of her most memorable, and batshit crazy, quotes from her rant.)


  1. This is what happens when you mix your psychotic meds. Poor DD…I like them.


    • Right?! These people provide you with fatty, sugary goodness and caffeine…they clearly don’t deserve this kind of treatment. They’re doing God’s work!


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