Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 8, 2013

A Moment with Grace

Apartment Hunting

We’ve been apartment hunting for about a month now.

In that time Grace has been spending pretty much every waking moment of free-time scouring the cesspool that is Craigslist in search of an apartment.

I’d be low-balling it if I said that she’s found 90% of the places we’ve had interest in; seriously, she’s been an apartment hunting machine. I’ve emailed a handful of people and charmed my way onto a waiting list. That’s it. This is basically a one-woman show.

At this point we’ve done a butt-load of apartment tours and found some great places and some…uh…not so great places.

I think the stress of it all is finally starting to get to us.

This evening, out of nowhere, Grace decided to expound on the situation, completely out of nowhere:

Grace:: “I assume this is what online dating is like.”
Graves: “…what?!”
Grace: “You know, you see an amazing profile and you get your hopes up. And then BOOM, just like that, you get your hopes and dreams crushed.”
Graves: “Uh…huh?!”
Grace: “…Or you go for a tour (aka: the first date) and the ad was a lie and the person is 20 pounds heavier than they said, but, it’s like a shitty apartment instead of a fat person.”
Graves: “Huh…”

I’m marrying this woman.

This pleases me.


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