Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | May 15, 2013

Best. Episode. Ever.

So. Much. Hotness.

There are some moments in television that stand the test of time and resonate for years to come.

Last night, we all witnessed one of those nights on the season finale of New Girl.

As you may recall, I wasn’t exactly a huge fan of New Girl when it first debuted, but in time the show runners made some tweaks and turned it into one of my favorite shows on television.

Last night, however, they went ahead and trumped anything they’d done to date (or are likely to ever do again) when they had Taylor Swift as a guest star on the show.

Oh yeah, that’s right, My Faithful Readers…the ladies who currently occupy spots #2 and #3 on my celebrity cheat list and who have been feuding with one another over my affections for the better part of two years clearly reached a short-term peace accord for the common good of the viewing public.

For that, I believe both of these lovely ladies deserved to be commended…and perhaps taken out for a lovely seafood dinner and a fancy (yet reasonably priced) bottle of wine with an upstanding, bearded gentleman from the Midwest.

I’ll leave that idea out there for Zooey and Taylor’s publicists to ponder (note: click the Gmail icon to the right to contact me directly).

In the meantime, let’s celebrate in my favorite new fashion, with a happy dance from both Zooey and Taylor. Take it away ladies:

Zooey's Happy Dance

Taylor's Happy Dance


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