Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | April 6, 2013

Things at Which I Suck: Blogging

Update Your Blog Mofo

I’ve been a bad blogger.

Since my whirlwind month last fall—wherein I got promoted and engaged and my life sorta started spinning at a new speed—I’ve been kind of awful at posting. I made a valiant effort to get back on it in January, but have fallen off the grid since then.

Admittedly, I’m just super busy at work and outside of work right now and although I want to blog, it seems to be the last thing I can get myself to do. Everything I write seems boring or pointless, so I don’t post it or I delete it or I don’t even get around to doing anything beyond coming up with the idea.

I’m hoping to curb that a bit by forcing myself to post some of the random, seemingly boring and pointless crap that actually makes the (now all-too-rare) transition from my brain onto a computer.

I don’t foresee me getting any less busy anytime soon, but I’m hoping to get back to producing at least a handful of posts every month rather than absolutely nothing for the two or three people who may still be checking this site every so often.

As always, if you find you can’t stand going a day without my asinine commentary, you can always Follow Me on Twitter…for like an hour, until you’re sick and tired of getting updates about WrestleMania or Zooey Deschanel’s hair every thirty seconds.


  1. Yar, pretty terrible myself, for all the same excuses. We should just off ourselves. It’s really the only solution.

    Or, maybe just have a burger and beer. Your call.


    • I think that I’ll try the latter and see if that helps. We can put a pin in option number one for the time being.


  2. Um I have to blogs up at this time…….. and one hasn’t been touched in over a year. The other 5 yrs 😐


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