Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 15, 2013

A Moment with Grace

Holy Comfy New Bed, Batman!!

Grace and I are living like hobos.

Don’t get me wrong here, we’re not, like, living on the street or anything. We are, however, in the midst of a serious game of “Survivor: Making the Bed.”

It seems to happen every time we do the laundry.

We take off all of the sheets and pillow cases and whatnot and then we come back from the laundromat and there’s this awkward standoff where we both expect the other one to put the sheet and pillow cases back on the bed.

Only neither one of us wants to do it.

Thus we find ourselves entrenched in a game of “Survivor” and believe me folks, this game has no winners.

As a result, we’ve slept the last two nights without any sheets or pillow cases.

We are living like friggin’ savages up in here and it’s getting intense.

I don’t want to sleep without sheets. I’m a grown man who has become accustomed to jersey knit fabric nestling my body into a sweet, blissful slumber. Right now, I’m living like a common street urchin without any sheets or pillow cases.

It’s ridiculous.

…but I refuse to crack. I will not let the pretty lady defeat me!

Viva la resistance.



  1. make your half of the bed 🙂


    • Do they make half-fitted sheets?


      • Duct tape…… end story


  2. Why don’t you each make your side of the bed–working together as little as possible. That way, the bed gets made and neither of you gave in. And, BTW, GROW UP!!!


    • That hardly seems like something that will give me the satisfaction of winning.


  3. …umm, wow. So, you’re getting married, huh?


  4. Since you are getting married I’ll let you in on Ryan’s trick with chores like this – you generously offer to make the bed, but then do such a crappy job of it that Grace throws up her hands and decides to do it herself every time so she doesn’t have to sleep on a wrinkled bed whose sheets come off every times she rolls over.


  5. You do realize it takes five minutes to make the bed, yes? This is a Mexican standoff. Throw a fitted sheet on and a pillowcase on your own pillow. No one needs a top sheet anyway. In my world, comfort comes first.

    That being said – Darcy knows how it really works.


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