Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 8, 2013

NPH’s Super Bowl Ad Mocks Christians and Turns Everyone Gay…or Something?!

NPH Super Bowl Ad

This is why we can’t have nice things.

There’s always some asshole on the internet waiting to make a mess of things.

An ultra-Christian conservative website is slamming a CBS Super Bowl ad featuring Neil Patrick Harris for apparently “mocking Christians” and pushing the *sigh* “gay agenda.”

How exactly were CBS and Doogie Howser pushing the “gay agenda” and “mocking Christians” you ask?

Well, by golly, in the most sin-filled, sinnery way that a sinner could…by mimicking his holiness, Tim F’n Tebow.

Or at least that’s the steaming pile of garbage that the lunatics over at World Net Daily are pushing.

Here’s an excerpt from the horseshit article:

[The ad] featured Neil Patrick Harris, star of “How I Met Your Mother,” wearing eyeblack with the date of Feb. 3, 2013 inscribed, reminding viewers that Super Bowl XLVII would be on CBS on that date.

Tim Tebow, known for his Christian faith as well as football, became world famous for proclaiming Bible verses such as John 3:16 on his eyeblack, especially when he played for the University of Florida Gators before going pro.

One football fan who watched the CBS promo Sunday made the connection between Harris and Tebow, saying, “They’re pushing a gay agenda by using him, and they’re mocking Christians at the same time.”

You’ve got to be kidding me with this shit, right?

This can’t be real. Can it?

Are we supposed to pretend that NPH isn’t one of the most recognizable stars on the network airing the Super Bowl, but rather that he’s just a random gay actor chosen to push the aforementioned agenda?

(Blogger’s Note: He’s not. He’s the star of one of the network’s highest-rated shows.)

Are we supposed to pretend that Tim Tebow is the only player to ever write messages on his eyeblack?

(Blogger’s Note: He’s not. He’s just the most prominent, because peeps like to drool all over him as though he’s the second coming, albeit the second coming with no understanding of an NFL-style offense.)

Are we supposed to pretend that using NPH in an advertisement is somehow mocking Christians?

(Blogger’s Note: It’s not. That’s fucking stupid. Don’t be fucking stupid.)

The dude works for CBS. He’s paid to promote things for the company.

That’s it. End of story.

There’s no Scooby-Doo mystery to be solved here.

Is NPH pro-gay? Uh yeah, he’s an openly gay man. I hope nobody feels like Sherlock Holmes for figuring out that tricky riddle.

Does that mean that CBS is promoting a gay agenda or mocking Christians?

No. No it does not.

In fact, that’s pretty much the stupidest f’n thing I’ve ever heard.

It means that CBS is promoting the biggest television event of the year with one of its most bankable stars…and that’s all it means.

Seriously, shit like this is why we can’t have nice things.


  1. Fucking fuck fuck! I love when you *giggle* SWEAR in your blog posts.


  2. America’s Slow Suicide !

    Jesus stated (in Luke 17) that just before His return to earth as Judge, two big “crazes” will happen worldwide at the same time: (1) insane violence (“days of Noah”), and (2) outrageous sexual perversion (“days of Lot” – see Gen. 19). Aren’t beheadings, cannibalism, and school and church shootings violent? And what’s more perverted than a mob trying to rape LITERAL angels (see Gen. 19 again)?! So, America, keep spitting on God. But you’d better duck fast when He spits back!!


    • …and this doesn’t strike you as perhaps a slight overreaction to a Super Bowl advertisement?!

      Just sayin’…


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