Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 3, 2013

Subway! Sriracha! Sammitch! Spicy!

Creamy Sriracha Sauce
I’ve got some serious Subway baggage.

The so-called “sandwich experts” have wronged me one too many times for me to be anything but skeptical when I hear about new developments coming from the sandwich giant, but I’m not gonna lie, the latest news has me all-kinds of tingly.

Apparently Subway is looking into busting out a “creamy Sriracha sauce” as a new sandwich add-on.

Here’s the rundown from those cool cats at Foodbeast:

“[The sauce] took on a more subdued color from the original’s bright red, it had a mayo-like consistency and was less sweet and much more spicy. The mayo-ish Sriracha blended exquisitely with the mustard, adding a delightful kick to my so-so Subway sandwich.”

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I get that it’s only in tester mode in a few California locations for now, but I’m definitely on-board with this move.

I love me some Sriracha sauce as much as the next guy and I’ve eaten far more inedible Subway sammitches than any one man ever should, so the idea of having some super-duper hot sauce in the mix to make it palatable has me all-kinds of excited.

What say you, My Faithful Readers, are you interested or disgusted?!



  1. Sriracha + mayonnaise = “creamy sriracha sauce”

    Skip Subway, buy a bottle of each COMBINED for the same price as a footlong, make your own sandwich that won’t suck.

    Did you really just post this?


    • *sigh* yes…yes I did.

      *walks away, head hung in shame*


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