Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 8, 2012

Great Moments in Not-Actually-Technology

This evening I attempted to activate my new Twins credit card.

I called the number. I heard the machine ask me for the last four digits of my card number and I punched ’em in.

Oddly enough, nothing happened. Instead of moving onto the menu to activate my card, the machine simply sat silent for a minute before asking me to enter the final four digits a second time.

I didn’t really understand what the deal was, but I figured maybe I punched in the wrong number or something, so I went ahead and entered my number for the second time.

There was more awkward silence and then the machine asked me for the last four digits of my card number a third freakin’ time.

I was annoyed, because I knew that I’d entered them correctly, but punched ’em in again, undoubtedly pressing the buttons with the fury of a thousand suns!

The machine then had the audacity to ask me yet again to enter the last four digits of my card number.

At this point I was incredibly annoyed, but punched ’em in one more time, only to hear the following:

“Um…Hello? Is anyone there? I can’t hear what you’re saying. I just hear beeping…may I please have the final four digits of your card number?”

It was then that I realized it wasn’t a machine, but a real lady who apparently doesn’t understand button pushes, but rather the English language.

Lesson of the Day: Not everyone who sounds like a robot actually is a robot.



  1. Hilarious !


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