Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | September 29, 2012

Experiencing Technical Difficulties (or Something)

My apologies for the complete lack of posts in recent weeks, but things have been absolutely cray-cray.

Here is a very quick rundown of my last couple of weeks:

I spent a weekend prepping like a crazy person for a job interview. I bought some new shoes and a new shirt for the interview. I surpassed the 100,000 page views threshold here on the blog! I survived the full-day, marathon-like job interview. I had a couple of super-packed days of work. I had the worst steak and cheese sub of all-time. I tried and failed, three times, to buy a gift card. Grace and I flew back for my best friend’s wedding in the Midwest. I got to hang out with The Boys a whole bunch. It was awesome. I danced a lot. I hurt my ankle (it still hurts). I ate Taco John’s. I proposed to Grace…she said yes! We flew back across the country and spent an awesome night telling friends and family about the engagement. I had another week of super-packed days of work and chaotic student training. My work computer basically decided to die the death. Our bathroom tiles got replaced. I took a work-related field trip to western Massachusetts that saw me spend six hours on the road to check out another library’s sound masking system. The very next day was another packed day of work and then I got to drive back across the state for a camping trip/birthday weekend. I found out that they make cheeseburger-flavored Pringles. I ate a can of cheeseburger-flavored Pringles. I found out that I’m awful at camping. I got soaked all the way down to my long underwear. Grace and I spent the night in a Prius like sardines when our tent leaked. I also found out that I might be claustrophobic. I had a peanut butter and jelly milkshake, it was awesome. We drove back across the state yet again. I wore plastic bags on my feet because my shoes were soaked from the night before. I found out my grandma had a heart-attack and things are not looking good. My mom and I cried together over the phone. It felt awful and it felt good, if that makes any sense. I got beat in my fantasy baseball playoffs. I vacuumed the living room and Honey stood her ground in the face of the treacherous vacuum of doom. I watched the season premiere of “New Girl” and I loved it. I spent a couple more days fighting with my computer at work and watched the IT folks tell me it was fine and I just needed to run some virus and file clean-up scans. I found out I got the job. I did a happy dance. I got a new baseball glove. I did another happy dance. I got Captain Shushalot banished from the Libraries for good. I had a few beers to celebrate. I got hit with some truth bombs that made me question whether or not I can do this new job. I went home and found out they’re pulling my grandma off of the life-support machines she’s been on. I went to bed. I woke up. I got a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I came into work. My computer crapped out completely and is now a large paperweight. I started cleaning out my cubicle in preparation for my move to a real(ish) office. I wrote this blog post.

…so that’s what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks.

I’d hoped to post more, but my usual “blogging time” has been curtailed greatly due to travel, student training, and my horrible computer.

As you can see there was lots of good news in there and a nice dollop of shitty news as well.

I’m hoping to play catch-up on many of these items, but between my grandma’s health issues and starting my new job at the library, the next couple of weeks don’t appear to be slowing down any, so it may, unfortunately, be delayed further.

Rest assured, I’m hoping to get writing again as soon as possible, hopefully I can get one of the pre-written ones pulled off the computer and posted in the near future. You can always Follow Me on Twitter if you absolutely cannot stand the thought of waiting any longer for more of my brain droppings.

In the interim please don’t go leaving me for a prettier, more frequently-updated blog!


  1. You got the job and THIS is how I find out. And your gma. And the other stuff! Seriously answer your Gd phone


  2. I concur Graves. This was not the way to hear about huge life things like your Grandma (that sucks) and your new job (that is awesome).


  3. Sorry to hear about your Grandma, Graves. Drew’s a fantastic hugger if you ever need one. Me, I’m not as fantastic.


  4. Hey dude sorry to hear about your Grandma, it truely sucks, but you don’t need me to tell you that. If you need anything dude let me know.


  5. Very sorry about your grandma. Not happy to learn now that you got the job.
    Yea Graves. (Not surprised)


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  8. […] day, my Grandma died and I flew home for the funeral. Days later I started my new job. There was a lot more going on in that time period, but you get the gist, it was a pretty intense couple of […]


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