Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | September 19, 2012

Great Moments in Killing Time (and Computers)

My work computer is a pile of horse manure.

This isn’t anything new, a little less than a year ago I was ranting about the exact same thing.

Soon after that rant, I got hooked up with “new” computer.

It was great for a brief time. I could log on and get right to work. It wouldn’t freeze. It wouldn’t leave me swearing and punching my desk. It didn’t require countless restarts every single day.

That lasted for all of about three months. Since then, it’s grown more prone to freezing and requires a restart almost once daily, but at the very least, at least once every couple of days.

It all came to a head yesterday when my computer just completely froze up and stayed that way for nearly an hour. I didn’t want to reboot the damn thing because I was working on a forthcoming blog post that I hadn’t saved yet and my autosave can be kinda sketchy from time to time.

Eventually, I gambled and had to reboot (Blogger’s Note: Luckily, I only lost a small portion of the upcoming blog post).

It then spent about three minutes or better on each of the loading screens and took a full hour to boot back up and reach a point where it was useable again, albeit with continued freezing issues.

Naturally, this meant that I had a lot of time to kill yesterday when I couldn’t do a damn thing at work.

I filled that time in the four best ways I could come up with…

First, I went to get lunch.

Second, I punched my computer a handful of times and called it a number of less-than-friendly names.

Third, I turned on my Nintendo(ish) system for the first time in nearly a year and played 1987’s coolest video game, Top Gun for roughly twenty minutes. I killed a lot of Communist fighter pilots. USA! USA! USA!

Fourth, I took the opportunity to update my whiteboard…with a drawing that encapsulated my emotions.

…so there’s that?!

I’ve put in a request to get my computer replaced, upgraded, or—at the very least—stomped to death by horses and hung from the highest tree in town for all to see.

Here’s hoping I get some resolution on this soon, because I can’t imagine it’s gonna be good for my career if a boss walks in when I’m cursing out my computer and throwing haymakers like I’m in a UFC cage.


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