Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | September 10, 2012

Crowdsourcing: Costumes for Cats

I was in Petco today picking up some ridiculously overpriced, weight-control cat food for Honey when I noticed a plethora of costumes for cats.

Initially, I scoffed at the idea and wondered who the hell would do that to their cat. (Note: This guy. Most definitely this guy.)

I mean come on, I know for a fact that cats absolutely hate having things put on ’em.

Then I remembered why it is that I know how much cats hate having things put on ’em…it’s because I love putting things on cats.

My cat growing up, Tom S. Katt (RIP), was always getting fitted for bowties or tiny capes or anything else I could find to dress him up.

Honey has already endured numerous encounters of me and Grace stacking items on her or trying to make her give her mice a ride around the house like a rodeo horse.

Naturally, this made me think that I should totally get Honey a Halloween costume.

Granted, she’s likely to be pretty pissed off about the whole thing and would probably cut me into a bloody mess well before I’d ever get her in the outfit, but if I could manage to get her into one of these getups for just one photo it would be totally worth it.


So I’m asking you, My Faithful Readers, should I get Honey a Halloween costume or should I let her go as a pretty orange cat for the 8th year in a row?!

(Blogger’s Note: Personally, I’m partial to the cowboy costume.)



  1. Definitely the frog!!!


  2. Normally I would be against dressing-up pets, especially when it’s clear they don’t want to cooperate, but I have to admit the frog costume is cute – perhaps not the right tone for halloween though 😀


    • Perhaps just for a bored Tuesday evening or something?! :-/


  3. My cats probably wouldn’t wear them, but they are cute.


  4. Every year we go through the same dilemma. Never dress a cat or any animal in full costume. A cape or bandana are ok. Our cats wear bandanas all the time that are different depending on season. Right now in hawk and husker ones


  5. We dressed our cat Pip up as a wizard one year and a bee the next. He was not impressed with either occasion but we didn’t end up scratched to pieces. He mostly just looked ticked off.


    • I think I can handle ticked off as long as I’m not a bloody mess.


  6. Why not? I, however, have the same opinion with Grant: cats and dogs will put up with something simple, but going over the top (say, something on the body+something on the head) might be taking advantage of their kindness. 😉


    • Touche…I feel Honey’s kindness would be very limited in this situation. I’ll proceed with caution.


  7. i don’t even know why you’re asking the question. the absolute answer is yes. i got dig a mailman costume and am hoping dan still has his old uniform.


    • answers like this are why i miss you oh-so-very much sometimes.


  8. Combine two things you love and have her be a TACO!


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