Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | August 21, 2012

Buy Me Things: Memphis BBQ Burger

I’m a dude who loves a good fast food cheeseburger.

They’re salty and melty and beefy and fatty and just straight up delicious, in a very disgusting kind of way. Unfortunately, I’m in a situation—admittedly, largely of my own doing—that makes it pretty hard for me to get my fix of fast food cheeseburgers.

I’ve got a long-standing embargo against Burger King and I’ve got a much more recent (read: since February) “second-attempt” embargo against McDonalds (until the McRib returns, obviously).

That left the ghetto Wendy’s in Central Square as my go-to for a quick burger, but they closed up shop last spring and now I’m basically living in a fast food burger blackhole.

As such, I’m pretty much freaking out now that I’ve caught wind of the new pulled pork cheeseburger set to debut at Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. this week, dubbed the Memphis BBQ Burger.

This thing has got the classic Hardee’s Thickburger patty topped with crispy onion strings, American cheese, and Memphis-style BBQ sauce. As if that weren’t awesome enough, all of that delicious burgery-goodness is resting on top of a pile of pulled pork.

I must have this in my face and I must have this in my face immediately.

The first-person to hook me up with this burger wins a “Blank Stares and Blank Pages” prize pack (read: random crap from around my apartment).

Go forth and find me this burger!!



  1. So you’re still not allowing yourself to walk in, but it’s OK for someone to bring it to you?


    • I don’t have an embargo against Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr…there just isn’t one anywhere near me…so that’s why I want someone to hunt this down and bring it to me.


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