Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | August 19, 2012

Facebook Timeline: Life After the Migration

This past week, I was officially migrated to Facebook Timeline.

I said back in March that I was scared to make the migration and that—because I’m old and hate change—I was basically assuming the worst of the newest-new Facebook.

Now that I’m a few days into the change here’s what I’ve noticed.

1) Pretty much nothing in my Facebooking experience has changed. Honestly, I really only pay attention to the Newsfeed. As such, you can’t even tell something is different until you go to a person’s page.

2) I’m a header whore. I keep changing the cover photo all the time and I’ve done my best to not change it, like, 200 times per day. One of my favorite things about blog posts is the big photo at the top. The only thing I love more than a great photo…is another great photo in its place.

3) I have no idea what my privacy settings are anymore. I don’t know if they officially changed the second my page migrated to Timeline or if they’d changed months ago when they first rolled out Timeline for all the world to use. Either way, I think I’m done messing with ’em. Too much work to keep up. Feel free to view my embarrassing photos and posts from my early 20s. I’m over it.

4) I still hate the new(ish) photo system. It always slows my computer down and freezes up like a mofo. They also take, like, an hour and a half to load every picture. It drives me abso-f’n-lutely batty.

5) I didn’t go back and clean-up my past. I don’t know if anyone else did, but I didn’t find it worth my time to go back and hide a bunch of posts from seven years ago, mostly because I can’t imagine anyone who will ever be bored enough to go back and view everything I posted from my aforementioned early 20s.

That’s about it.

It’s different, but when you’re not really trolling personal pages all that much you barely notice.

I realize I’m crazy-late to the Timeline party—because I’m such obviously such rebel and a contrarian and all that jazz—but if anyone else has any opinions on the (not quite) new Facebook, let’s hear ’em in the comments.


  1. Outside of the fact that you should have just done it right away and not doing it doesn’t seem like you at all…this post is kind of whatever. Timeline, it happened, who really cares? Much like the next update. Why do people care so much?


  2. I’ve seen so much hate on FB. I don’t know why.


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