Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | July 24, 2012

Korea Ups the Ante for Suggestive Workout Equipment

A couple years ago, the world was introduced to the Shake Weight, a dumbbell that uses vibration to force arm muscles to relax and contract multiple times per second, thus giving the user a more complete workout in a fraction of the time…or something.

The product became a viral sensation thanks to a rather suggestive commercial:

The commercial was mocked and/or parodied by the likes of Ellen, Saturday Night Live, and South Park. All of which amounted to plenty of free advertisement that allowed the Shake Weight to become one of the most universally recognizable pieces of workout equipment, all whilst pulling in more than $40 million and selling over two million units.

Undoubtedly, the success of the Shake Weight’s marketing campaign played a big part in the decidedly more racy advertisements for Korea’s newest exercise machine, the Ace Power Horse Riding Machine.

What the hell is the Ace Power Horse Riding Machine you ask?!

Well here’s the rundown that accompanies the commercial on YouTube:

“From Korea, for those who like to ride the horse in front of TV and in home comfort of their own space. For all family member, this home mechanical equestrian system will meet for all the family need. It help device to fitness you up! And reach the health goal! Live longer for now! Be your Ace Power!!”

If that doesn’t answer all of your questions, I don’t know what would.

If you still have some questions about what exactly this product actually is or what it actually does, the commercial should pretty much wrap up any loose ends for you.

Here is the sure-to-go-viral video:


I’m pretty sure I’m blushing.

Heck, I turned the volume way down and made sure no one else was in the room before I even hit play. This video should come with a parental advisory, the folks using this machine are getting way more action than half of my high school did at prom.

You win this round, Korea.



  1. Whoa


  2. Like

  3. Do they even ride horses in Korea? I thought they just ate them…


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