Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | July 23, 2012

Caption Contest: Vote Now

Last week, I opened up a Seinfeld-themed caption contest here on the blog with the hope that I’d get a metric buttload of entries.

I didn’t. In fact, I only got four total entries.

Although it’s not the level of interaction I was shooting for, I am going to follow-through on the plan and let everyone vote on the best caption. Instead of taking my favorite three, I’ll just go ahead and let all y’all vote on all four of the entries.

The winner will receive a surprise prize package from me.

The voting closes at 5pm (EST) on Friday, July 27th.

Get your vote on now.



  1. Better: I can’t grow any hair on my chinny, chin, chin…

    Hahahaha!!! 😀


    • …if only you’d entered by the deadline.

      That’ll teach you to slack off on reading my blog, now won’t it?!


  2. Who wins? Do I win? Vote, Vote, Vote for meeeeeee!!! 😀


  3. […] you may recall, the contest was to come up with the best caption—as voted on by you, My Faithful Readers—for the nearly 15-year-old cartoon from an episode of […]


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