Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | July 20, 2012

Buy Me Things

What you see here is a thing of beauty.

More specifically, what you see is a thing of beauty that belongs on my bottom…immediately.

It’s been all of five days since I last asked y’all to buy me something, so it feels like we’re long overdue for more selfish consumerism.

Honestly, this time I don’t think I need any sort of long rambling explanation about why I want the product in question, the official “BIG IOWA” undies from Raygun.

The reason being that it should be pretty obvious to each and every one of you:

A) I wear underwear.
B) I’m from Iowa.
C) These would make amazing wrestling tights when I inevitably go pro and win the World Heavyweight Championship.
D) I rock bright yellow’s face off.

Now, as anyone who has followed this blog for awhile is well-aware, I’m a boxer briefs kinda guy (for both wearing and weatherproofing).

I am, however, more than willing to make an exception for these bitchin’ briefs. I previously made a similar exception when I acquired my equally bad-ass SpiderMan briefs a year or so ago.

And you know what, although they’re definitely a—ahem—different underwear-experience, it’s totally worth it to know you’ve got the coolest MANties (see what I did there?) in the room.

Anyway, now that you know a whole lot about my underwear situation, how’s about you help a brother out and hook me up with some fancy Iowa undies!

(Blogger’s Note: They don’t having a sizing chart, but I’m a 32-34 waist and that’s usually a “medium” when it comes to the old underoos…so let’s hope these run roughly the same sizes!)



  1. I-O-W-A!!!


  2. Do you think Grace would be a big fan of your latest item on your “I Want” list? 😉 And do you know if there is a California version for my hubby? Hee Hee!!!


    • I think she’d appreciate them for the novelty and likely little else after that.

      If there’s a pair of undies with Iowa plastered on the butt, there’s GOTTA be a pair of California undies, right?! No way Iowa has cornered the market on this one.


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