Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | July 17, 2012

Honey vs Heat

Earlier this week I mentioned that we’re in a bit of a heat wave and I suggested one sure-fire way you could help me deal with the temperatures.

In all reality, I’m doing okay with the heat.

I’m sweaty and I’m gross, but it’s summertime. This is just what comes with the territory when you don’t have air-conditioning.

What’s bugging me most about the heat is how much it is draining on Honey.

It’s not easy to deal with crazy hot weather when you’re wearing a fur coat all day and you’re just a little—ahem—huskier than you need to be.

Thus far she’s spent most of the hot days hiding under the bed in our room where we’ve got an old, beat-up window A/C unit that isn’t the greatest but is able to keep the one room tolerable.

When Honey’s not in the bedroom she’s usually hanging out on the slightly cooler tiles in the hallway and kitchen or she’s following the example set forth by Grace and yours truly and she’s camped out in front of a fan.

This morning, however, she took things to extreme measures and made a beeline for the fridge.

If we could put a kitty door on the front of that thing, I think she’d be all about summertime.

Until someone creates a cat-accessible fridge, however, I guess we’ll stick with the current game plan of A/C in the bedroom, fans everywhere else, tons of water all around the apartment, and the occasional quick chill in the fridge.



  1. I used to follow Emma around with ice packs for her to recline with– though it’s been harder to do this in the current apt. I’ve also been known to take a damp cloth and moisten her fur in front of a fan. She wasn’t crazy about this, but I think it did help her a bit.


  2. My cat loves getting in the fridge.


  3. Read somewhere that someone put damp towels down for cat to lie on. Would probably be really “cool” in front of a fan.


  4. Most cats seem to like dark, cool linen cabinets.


  5. Poor Honey! Good for you for adapting her environment as much as possible so she could feel more comfortable! By the way, Taylor is also a big fan of the kitchen tiles!!


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