Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | July 15, 2012

Buy Me Things

It’s hot today.

It’s been hot for a lot of days now.

The humidity has come back after a couple of nice cool days and our apartment, which is notoriously cold in the winter, is equally hot in the summer.

All of the hot air and humidity just seems to linger no matter how many fans we run, windows we open, or air conditioners we camp out in front of throughout the day.

I’m sweaty. I’m gross. I’m uncomfortable.

Naturally, this is a fine time for you to buy me things.

In this particular instance, I’d like one of these bad boys:

What you see here is the Sports Park 60 from the folks at Wibit Sports who, as far as I can tell, basically just create floating playgrounds. Which, I’m pretty certain, makes them the single coolest company on the planet.

If you’re feeling especially generous today, you can upgrade to the Sports Park 60+ which appears to include some additional floating island thingity-things to add to the fun. I’m more than willing to accept whichever one you send my way.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I will also require that you purchase a large, open body of water in which I can place my new toys. Thanks again!



  1. I know how you feel! When it gets to be 110 with 30% humidity… uhg. If you do get one of those things (there’s no way I could afford it!) I’d be willing to share!


    • I feel like I could safely share this with about 20 other people, so you’ve got yourself a deal.


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