Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | July 5, 2012

The Greatest Video You’ll See Today (or Any Other Day)

The mouthy gals over at Jezebel are constantly bringing the funny and they’ve nailed it again today.

Today they’re supplying my giggles with a sure-to-go-viral video of a drunk dude serenading his cat to Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose.”

Now before you ask, no…it’s not me.

I only serenade Honey to the sweet melodic tunes of Journey or Taylor Swift.

Go peep the video and enjoy the fact that your day just go roughly 83% more awesome.

If you’re not laughing hysterically or, at the very least, grinning from ear-to-ear, it’s safe to assume that you have no soul.

My favorite part?

The way the cat just sorta saunters off like it was no big deal while the dude mumbles the lyrics into the carpet.

If this doesn’t win the Oscar for Best Musical, I riot.



  1. holy hilarious, batman.


    • I feel like I should eschew coffee and just start watching this to wake me up in the morning. It gets the blood flowing b/c I’m laughing so hard and it puts me in a way better mood than paying $4 for a cup of bad coffee does.


      • hear, hear to that. about midway through i lost it because he is just so goddermned committed, in a way that only a drunk person can be. so funny. xo


  2. I also love the fact that the cat tries to wiggle away from the guy’s grasp a few times, but to no avail. The cat also gives him looks as if saying “What the #*$@ is wrong with you?” SO FUNNY!!


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