Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 21, 2012

Alec Baldwin is Bad at Subtlety

Celebrities are a weird breed.

They crave attention, but want their privacy. It’s a huge contradiction.

They flip out when they don’t get preferential treatment for being famous, but at the same time they always give the “I just want to be left alone and treated like a normal person” line when they’re not in the mood for the whole “fame” thing.

I just don’t get it.

One big ole example of this has gotta be Alec Baldwin.

I think he’s hilarious, but he’s pretty notorious for being a huge douche-bag in pretty much every aspect of his life.

Granted, Baldwin was in “Beetlejuice.” As such, my natural inclination is to give him a free pass, but with the week he’s having I’m not so sure I can do that right now.

The dude just got in trouble for punching a photographer on Tuesday, so in an effort to avoid the paparazzi he left his hotel looking like, well, this:

Now, I’m not an expert on how the paparazzi works or anything, but I’ve got to think that leaving the house dressed like a ghost when it’s nearly 100 freakin’ degrees is not the best way to keep the cameras at bay.

Maybe if it were Halloween, they’d let it slide, but come on dude…it’s the middle of June, this type of batshit crazy is gonna draw in the cameras like a moth to the flame.

Honestly, if he wants his privacy on the streets of New York, he should just stay up all night, skip shaving so he looks a little more haggard, and just tell people he’s actually one of the other Baldwin brothers and they’d all scatter in search of a real celebrity.

(Blogger’s Note: When I’m crazy famous I think I’m just gonna walk around wearing a full-on Batman outfit or a luchadore mask to keep the paparazzi at bay. Sheets are for chumps.)



  1. All I’ve gotta say is that Alec Baldwin’s fiancee has got A LOT on her plate! Dealing with a dude with anger management issues does not sound like something I would want to marry into…


  2. So, if he’s got a blanket on, how do they know that it is even Alec Baldwin? Maybe he hired somebody to wear his clothes and go out like this to get the paparazzi’s attention and he sneaked out the back. 😉

    Hm. I wonder if Alec is devious enough to do something like that.


    • Okay, you know what…that’s f’n GENIUS!!

      He’s just kooky enough that I could totally see him doing something like that too. Paying some dude to walk around looking like a ghost all day just to watch the paparazzi go nuts following around fake Alec Baldwin.



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