Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 18, 2012

It’s the Oscars, but Waaaaay More Nerdy

Tomorrow is going to be a good day.

Tomorrow is the annual “Infinite Mile” Awards at the MIT Libraries and that always makes for one of the best (and laziest) days of the entire year.

Basically, the “Infinite Mile” Awards are like our Oscars (or something).

The only real difference—aside from the glitz, glamour, media coverage, red carpet, Joan Rivers sightings, budget, television contract, fancy clothes, and famous people—is that the people who won generally know in advance. This is to ensure that they actually attend the award ceremony and not just the luncheon afterward.

It doesn’t really take away from the day though as most of the awards are still a surprise for the rest of the crowd and it’s always a blast to see people get recognized for the work they do.

Last year we did something a little less-awesome and they chose to award everyone.

The idea was that everyone had worked so hard after a couple years of layoffs and a major re-organization of the MIT Libraries that everyone deserved to be awarded.

On paper and in theory, sure…why not.

That’s a great way to boost morale, I guess?!

The problem is that there was (and still is) a pretty large schism among those who do a lot and those who are just skating by on the bare minimum. This left many people in the former category a little annoyed and many people in the latter category pretty stoked that they won something.

So I guess, in reality, it worked to boost morale for a portion of the staff and pretty much kick morale in the balls for another portion.

My assumption/hope/wish/plea/etc. is that this year, they’ll go back to giving out awards only to those who have legitimately earned them in lieu of a “let’s make everyone feel like a winner” kind of prize.

Am I winning a prize? No, not so much.

You know, unless of course they’ve switched to a more Oscars-like approach wherein they hope to surprise people at the event, in which case, maybe. Odds are, however, that I’ll be coming up empty-handed and that’s cool.

Personally, I think the day is always a lot of fun and it’s great to learn about all of the awesome shizzle my co-workers have accomplished in the past year. Plus, as I said before, the expectations for productivity are non-existent. It’s like the day before Thanksgiving, but in the middle of summer. Everyone is on cruise control and you get an excuse to kill the entire middle portion of your day at an awards show and eating a catered lunch.

It’s pretty hard to beat that, right?!

My hope this year is that I’ll actually be able to make it to the ceremony. Our landlord scheduled some sort of walk-through with insurance peeps for tomorrow morning between 9am-Noon and the awards ceremony starts at 11am.

I’ll be sticking around the homestead with Honey, because we’ve learned that when the landlords send peeps over—whether you give them a heads up or not—they’re pretty f’n careless about making sure your cat doesn’t run away.

I’d hate to miss the ceremony or luncheon, but I’d also hate to come home at the end of the day and find that our orange-faced kitty has gone AWOL.

I’m not going to ask for good luck prayers or anything like that, because that’s pretty f’n weird.

No, no…instead, I’m going to ask that y’all just go ahead and give a good luck fist-bump your monitor or laptop screen or smartphone or whatever the heck you’re reading this on…go ahead…don’t be bashful…no one is judging….don’t leave me hanging…do it…DO IT.

There…was that so hard?!

I’ll take that as a sign of good luck that this insurance bullshizzle goes fast and I can make it to the closest thing to a legit awards show us nerdy library folk get.

Thanks for all the good luck fist-bumps!



  1. What a cute picture of Honey Boozles!


    • I know, it’s just a little too blurry–stupid camera phone–or I’d have blown that one up. She looks so poised.


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