Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 14, 2012

My Vote Goes to…

…Jill Stein?!

I’ve got no idea who the heck Jill Stein is, but according to the fancy little quiz at she is the ideal presidential candidate for me.

Admittedly, Stein just barely nudges out Barack Obama by a margin of 1%.

I side with Stein on 84% of issues and Obama on 83%.

After that it’s some dude named Kent Mesplay at 79%, Ron Paul at 64%, and Mitt Romney rounds out my top five at 33%.

Granted, I decided months ago that I wasn’t voting for Romney so that should be no big surprise.

I am, however, a little disappointed that Vermin Supreme didn’t make the cut. I really thought that dude had a shot to go all the way in this election.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that Jill Stein (whomever the heck she is?!) is actually going to get my vote. This stems mostly from the obvious fact that I’ve got no clue who she is, what she does, where she comes from, or if she’s even a real person.

I’m definitely backing team Obama and if we’re talking about a difference of one percentage point, I figure I should stick with the same horse I’ve been putting my money on this entire time, right?!

Anyway, I’m obviously not even remotely political, but I figured this cool, handy-dandy quiz deserved a little blog pimpin’ action and this seems liked the best way to go about it.

If you’re anything like me and you don’t follow politics very closely (read: at all) or you’re just looking to see where you stand in comparison to the candidates, swing over to and see who you side with in the 2012 election.

Feel free to share your results in the comments.



  1. I got Jill Stein too… with a ranking of 94%. Never heard of her before reading your post…


    • From what I’m seeing from people on Facebook, darn near everyone is getting Jill Stein.

      I’m suddenly curious if this is her website and EVERYONE gets Jill Stein as a way to sway the votes.

      Well-played, Stein…well-played.


  2. OK, I took the poll.

    My results are Romney 98%, Paul 92%, Johnson 82%, STEIN 4% and got pretty much the same results for my neighbor.


  3. Hmm, I’m 92% Obama – I wasn’t expecting quite that. Stein (who I have heard of) was close behind at 89% and Kent Mesplay (who?!?) was nipping at her heels at 85%..


    • Some of these people sounds like fictional placeholders until a real candidate shows up, right?! I’m not alone on that?!


  4. 93% Jill Stein, 84% Obama, and Romney and I should probably never have dinner together.


    • That sounds about right.

      Maybe a light lunch though…salads or soup or something?!


      • Coffee. And only if he’s buying, which seems appropriate, since he’s a multigazillionaire, right?


      • Legit.


  5. …you blogged about politics.


    That? That was my mind being blown.


  6. Mesplay was my second, behind Stein. So, there’s that? #hippie


  7. well I gotz the rent is to damn high…


    • My Sweet Jebus, I hope you’re serious!! If you are, that means you win this website…you win the day…you win the election. I didn’t know that guy was still a thing. I’ll be stoked if you legit got him!


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