Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 13, 2012

I’m Bad at Dogs

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that it’s pretty much common knowledge to y’all that I’m a cat person.

I don’t really have anything against dogs, it’s just that I jibe with cats way more easily.

In actuality, I tend to think that dogs don’t like me. It’s been this way for a lot of years, dogs will just sorta stare at me or avoid me when they’re super-duper playful and lovey-dovey with everyone else.

The clincher for me, however, is Rookie.

Rookie is the adorable dog you see in the above photo. One of the professors on campus brings him into work pretty much every day and he just chills in the hallway and is crazy friendly to everyone he sees.

…except me.

Pretty much anytime I walk by Rookie, he gets all defensive and starts doing this low, under-his-breath growl at me.

I’m not taunting him. I’m not insulting any of his many brightly-colored bandanas. I’m not showing him pictures of Honey and ranting about how much more awesome cats are than dogs. I’m doing nothing but walking by.

It doesn’t matter. He always seems to get on the defensive with me.

He seems like the sweetest dog, seriously peep this video:


It doesn’t make any sense.

There is something fundamentally wrong with my ability to get along with this dog.

I don’t get it. Rookie seems to be the nicest, sweetest dog in the world and he wants to rip my face off.

What the shit is my deal?!

Clearly, I’m just bad at dogs.



  1. I think it’s because you had a run in with Shoulder Pads. She’s got your number.


    • Touche…I hadn’t really thought that through. Rookie is totes a hit-dog!!


  2. I’m confused as well! Dogs (at least the ones I’ve met, as well as my dog, Taylor) seem to have the ability to determine who is and who isn’t a dog person. Maybe Rookie has a sense that you are a proud member of team cat, and that’s just too much for him to handle! 😉


    • That’s entirely possible. I’m pretty sure I reek of catness or cattitude or catocity or whatever it is one would reek of as a fan of cats…so that’s probably the answer right there.


  3. He smells the Cat Person in your veins.


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