Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 12, 2012

Random Fact #403

It has been awhile since I’ve shared any of my random facts with y’all to help you when the folks at Hasbro inevitably release the Jeremiah Graves edition of “Trivial Pursuit.”

As such, I figured I’d hit y’all up with a little nugget of random knowledge today.

I am notorious for sleeping through alarms.

Sometimes I don’t hear the alarm at all. Sometimes I hear it and turn it off without really realizing what I’ve done.

Having Honey meowing all up in my grill at 8am (ie: feeding time) every morning has been helpful, but I’ve taken a more proactive approach and switched up my alarm tone to ensure I can’t sleep through it.

I used to rock a simple buzzy-ringing thing that sounded like a regular alarm clock.

When I got my new phone last fall, I went with a less-jarring soft cello music kinda thing. Unfortunately, that was pretty easy to sleep through.

That’s why I now use this as my alarm tone:

Every morning, with the volume jacked all the way, that yanks me into the real world in a bluster of confusion and rage. My phone is generally about six inches from my head when I sleep, so there’s really no sleeping through this f’n thing.

…and now you know a little something special about me.

You’re welcome!

Plus that song will undoubtedly haunt you for days. Once it’s in your head, it’s in there for good.

Good luck with all that.


  1. Poor Grace.


    • Grace is usually long-since awake, showered, breakfast’d, dressed, and putting the finishing touches on her morning routine by the time I wake up.

      …she then usually sings the song at me in tune with my phone. She’s not suffering in this ordeal.


  2. That is definitely ear-worm material! It reminds me of those PBS children shows that I used to watch back in the ’80s…where the characters acted alittle TOO happy! 😉


    • Oh yeah, no doubt about it. The dudes and dudettes at the “alarm tone factory” or wherever it is they cook these things up were clearly in the midst of a three or four day bender and at the end of a Dora the Explorer marathon when they cooked this little batch of evil up.

      On the plus side…you cannot sleep through it. I’ve tried. It’s a feeble attempt every time. The song ALWAYS wins.


  3. Lol. Great Post:) I am also the kind who can sleep through the alarm sounds and yeah I’ve tried all jarring music and shrieking alarms . Initially, they work out for me but as time goes by I get used to (or may be fond of ) those tunes.Still trying a solution 🙂


    • Maybe you should see if you can get a handful of awful, jarring alarm sounds and get them to play at random. That way you never know which one to expect and your brain can’t really learn to tune them out?!

      Just a thought. I’ve contemplated something like that, but I cannot ignore this demon “Good Morning” song, no matter how hard I try.


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