Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 9, 2012

Wheel of Misfortune

I’ve mentioned previously that I was a Wheel of Fortune fan as a kid.

I always liked to play along at home and, admittedly, I thought I was pretty darn good at it.

Sure, sure…I wouldn’t get every one of ’em right, but I nailed more than my fair share and I started to think that if I had a shot at it, I could totally make a bajillion dollars and win the whole freakin’ thing.

In fact, there was a time when I was, like, ten and they were doing an open casting call for a “Teen Wheel of Fortune” or something like that and I contemplated the merits of signing up and trying my luck.

The closest the tryouts came to northwest Iowa, however, was Minneapolis which, as it turns out, is nowhere near northwest Iowa; especially not when you’re ten years old.

It’s probably for the best, because had I made the show, I know that I would have done something incredibly stupid and embarrassing like…oh, I don’t know…this:

How painful is that?!

It’s pretty much the single-easiest win you’re ever going to get and he totally muffs it.

Then there’s that ever-so-brief, but super awkward pause when everyone is asking themselves “Did that really just happen?!”

The worst part, however, is when he mumbles out the correct answer sounding completely defeated and broken.

You can tell he knows that he screwed up and he knew it instantly, but there was absolutely no fixing it. Then he’s got his wife or girlfriend or whatever right there and you know she’s going to stab him, but probably not before he goes to jail for stabbing the other dude who swooped in and picked up the win on that one.

Poor guy.

I guess if there would have been one upside to me doing something like this when I was ten, it’s that there was no YouTube or TiVo or any of that stuff to send this video viral.

So there’s that?!

This guy, however, yeah…sucks to be him.



  1. That’s pretty embarrassing. Maybe one day you’ll get to be on WoF. (I was on Jeopardy once, so it can happen.)


    • I believe this is where the youth of America would say something along the lines of “video or it didn’t happen.”


  2. I don’t think you would have been accepted for teen wheel of fortune when you were ten anyway seeing as, you know, you weren’t a teen. Just an observation on my part. But, you were in TAG, so you might have outsmarted them with your fake birth certificate from Mexico.


    • That Mexican birth certificate has been worth its weight in gold!!


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