Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 6, 2012

Subway to Serve (Boring) Nachos?

I’ve made it pretty clear that I eat a lot of awful food, so it should come as little surprise to y’all that I am now quite intrigued after learning that Subway may soon get in on the nacho business.

The picture to the right was snapped at a Subway in Nashville—the same place that was test-marketing the Burger King Bacon Sundae—and it seems that they’re at the very least kicking the tires on the idea of adding Doritos nachos to a menu that includes sammitches, pizzas, salads, and breakfast sammitches.

Personally, I’m kinda disappointed in what I’m seeing here.

We’re talking about Subway, the home of sammitch customization, and all they show on these things in nacho cheese and some jalapenos?

How’s about some lettuce and tomatoes?!

Maybe some buffalo chicken or a pile of steak?!

Hell, how’s about some of that chipotle southwest sauce?!


Right now, I’m not sold. If they allow you customize the crap outta these things, I’d definitely give ’em a test drive.

What say you, My Faithful Readers…would you give these things a go or are you sticking with the real deal when it comes to your nachos?!



  1. Ummmm…Subway…for nachos? I’ll go down the street to Taco Johns or Taco Bell thank you very much.


  2. I don’t trust it. Stick with what got you there, Subway. Or else slap some bacon on the nachos.


  3. BARF!


  4. […] experts” have wronged me one too many times for me to be anything but skeptical when I hear about new developments coming from the sandwich giant, but I’m not gonna lie, the latest news has me all-kinds of […]


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