Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 5, 2012

Buy Me Things

Now that I’ve officially converted to Batmanism, it seems imperative that I learn to walk the walk in addition to talking the talk.

The easiest way to show my faith in Batman seems to be by driving around a legit replica of the original Batmobile.

It just so happens that some crazy cats across the pond have one available for the low, low price of $185,000(ish).

Now unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of scratch on hand.

I think we’ve established that my current job doesn’t afford me that kind of disposable income.

This is where all y’all come in.

I’m assuming that at least one of the 140 or so followers I have on this blog has to be a millionaire. Right?!

It’s 2012, I feel like one in every eight people is a millionaire nowadays.

If my estimate about the state of modern millionaires is a bit off base, I’m more than willing to let everyone chip in a couple grand here and there to make this thing happen.

Seriously, it’ll only take a small donation of $1,321.43 from each of my followers to put this car in my driveway.

Plus you can write it off as a donation to a religious charity.

It’s a win-win!!



  1. Nice. Not a follower or a millionaire but I respect the attempt! Good luck!


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