Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | June 2, 2012

Cheese Curls: Puffy vs Crunchy [Results]

Roughly a week ago, I called upon all y’all to cast a vote in the epic battle of puffy cheese curls versus crunchy cheese curls.

The votes are in and the results are ready to be unleashed upon the world.

For anyone who doesn’t want to go back and read the original post, here’s the quick and dirty background.

Grace digs crunchy cheese curls.

I dig puffy cheese curls.

Grace is wrong.

I am correct.

That’s really all you need to know.

Our debate over the favorable merits of the two cheese flavored snacks had reached a fever pitch and we determined it was time to try our hand at some crowdsourcing to determine which of our stances was correct.

We gave everyone until the end of May to vote and the results are now ready to be disseminated.

Sadly, I must admit defeat.

You, the people, have spoken and crunchy cheese curls have won by a ratio of 3-to-2.

There were 25 total votes submitted in our un-scientific poll.

Fifteen of you poor, misguided souls voted for crunchy cheese curls.

The other ten—undoubtedly possessing advanced intellects and superior grooming habits—voted in favor of the palate-pleasing bliss that is puffy cheese curls.

Now I don’t want to sound bitter or make assumptions that at least fifteen different people are clearly suffering from the same taste-bud affliction that has turned Grace’s sense of taste into the Helen Keller of her seven senses.

No, no…that would be petty.

Puffy was defeated fair and square and I’m willing to humbly accept defeat.

Granted, that’s mostly because I now know that there will always be plenty of puffy cheese curls to go around while the rest of you crunchy backers are fighting with Grace over a bag of orange fiberglass sticks.




  1. I still puffy is better :). The slow, soft crunch you get, then the melt in your mouth puff is superb. mix it with a well aged scotch (mcallen 18 is my choice) and you have a winner

    besides you no the crunchy people just like to dip there little spears of cheese curl dip it in ketchup and play “statue of liberty”


    • I have never seen a more wonderful description of puffy anywhere 🙂 Great 🙂


  2. It’s all fiberglass, but crunchy fiberglass tastes better than puffy. The people have spoken.


  3. […] UPDATE: The votes have been tallied, click through to peep the final results. […]


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