Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | May 25, 2012


During finals week it’s pretty common for burntout students to forget things.

In the last four days, I’ve had a number of students come up to the desk asking if anyone had turned in a textbook or a bookbag or whatever, but some of my favorite inquiries are as follows:

“Has anyone turned in a bright pink flash drive. It has my final paper…and every season of 30 Rock on it. I really want it back.”

“Have you seen my coffee thermos? I left it here, like, a month or two ago. It had Folgers in it…if that helps.”

“I lost my Kindle a couple weeks ago and I just wanted to check if someone brought it in here since it’s, you know, sorta like a book and this is a library and you guys, like, have lots of books.”

“I left behind a red pen the other day and I’d really like it back. If you don’t have it though, I’ll just take any other pen, but I’d really like mine…but any pen will do. So, uh…can I borrow a pen?!”

“A couple of days ago I lost a textbook. I don’t know if it was here or one of the other libraries or the dorms or the student center or Stata or somewhere else, but I thought I should check. I don’t really remember where I’ve been…I haven’t slept much.”

Thankfully for all these poor nerds, the semester is now over and all of these strung-out folks can finally sleep and wait for their final grades.

Hopefully, they’ll remember where they left all their crap after a couple hours of shut-eye.



  1. At least they’re not wanting really gross stuff back, like a hanky full of phlegm (which I found cleaning up the other day at work.)


  2. the thing I find most amusing about all of these college kids and their cramming. No one cares what your GPA was once you graduate. Maybe they do in your first job I guess but you can sign on for any entry level job and considering you go to one of the most prestigious tech schools in the world you are probably at the top of the interview pile. Hey thanks for losing sleep for nothing nerds.


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