Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | May 23, 2012

Will Smith = Carlton Banks

I’m not sure how/when/why this happened, but at some point in the last decade Will Smith has gone from being the epitome of cool to being a knockoff version of Carlton Banks.

Here be the proof…


Feel free to take a minute to clean your brain matter off of the computer monitor.

Meanwhile, I’m going to go pour a forty on the curb for my fallen childhood.



  1. Oh my! Very funny and you are so right.


    • If someone would have told me 10-15 years ago that this was how Will Smith would turn out, I’d have never believed ’em…who knew?!


  2. LOL that is too funny. I like Will Smith no matter what though 🙂


  3. Holy cow; you’re right. I shudder to think how Carlton would’ve responded to an alien invasion, either the MIB kind or the Independence Day kind. Ye gods.


    • Michael Bay is giddy with excitement right now thinking about making those movies…no doubt about it.


  4. But, but, but Will Smith totally murdered around a million robots…



  5. I saw Will and Jada at the Celtics game on Monday – they looked pretty hip in their court-side seats, walking over at half-time to talk to Chris Rock and David Spade (all 76s fans, I assume). At least they looked hip from 1/2 mile away in my “Promenade” seats…


    • I’ll give him partial credit, but I assume it is hard to look anything but hip when you’re sitting court-side for the playoffs.


  6. Here they all are at the C’s game:


  7. You just made me facepalm. In a good way.


  8. […] Will Smith = Carlton Banks […]


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