Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | May 21, 2012

Public Service Announcement: Cat Boredom Sweeping the Nation

Friskies may be the smartest company on the planet.

They’re launching an ad campaign that focuses on fighting a debilitating condition called “Cat Boredom” or “CB” for short.

The premise is that cats all over the nation are really freakin’ bored.

In fact, the campaign informs us that “Every day jillions of cats silently suffer from cat boredom.”

Luckily, Friskies is here to save the day with their treats.

How very, very convenient thoughtful of them, right?!

You can peep the ad thanks to the folks at AdWeek:

I’d originally intended the write this off and give it a quick “haha, that was moderately whimsical,” but then I thought more about CB and went into panic mode.

How bored could Honey be at any given time?

One of my main worries when we first got her was that she’d be bored out of her mind moving from a gigantic wide-open shelter that was packed with toys, had plenty of other cats to hang out with, and even had a big ole outdoor kennel into our tiny one and a half bedroom apartment.

She naps almost all day. She eats. She poops. She plays for a bit, but then moves along to grooming or one of the aforementioned napping/eating/pooping trifecta.

Could Honey be suffering from CB right in front of me?!

Luckily, I did some Googling and realized that she’s a cat and that’s pretty much all cats do.

It seems I’ve dodged a bullet on this one.

Either way, the folks at Friskies knew to prey on the fears and emotions of crazy cat people such as myself and it worked, as evidenced by the fact that I gave Honey some Friskies treats to celebrate her clean bill of mental health.

Clearly the people at Friskies are evil super geniuses who inevitably become diabolical movie villains…which basically means they’re perfect for the advertising industry.

Well-played, Friskies! Well-played, indeed.

(Blogger’s Note: Does “cat psychologist” sound like the greatest job ever or what?!)



  1. That look of “boredom” is just a clever mask for “plotting world domination.”


    • I’ve feared this for some time. Having it confirmed just means that I need to continue spoiling Honey so she spares my life during the inevitable feline uprising.



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