Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | May 21, 2012

Kids are Hard

I don’t think parenting is easy.

Kids don’t come with an instruction manual and you can’t really have any idea how you’ll be as a parent until you are one.

It really is the ultimate “sink or swim” situation. You get dropped in the deep end and you consider it a blessing if you can manage to tread water.

I get that. I really, really do and that’s why I know I’m not ready to be a parent any time soon.

That having been said, I have proven to have a pretty keen eye when it comes to spotting piss-poor parenting by others.

Today, I present yet another situation where I have stumbled upon some awful parenting. As always, not everyone will have the same trained eyes that I do for noting what the parent did wrong in this situation, so I’ll give you a helpful hint.

Peep this security video from a laundromat and tell me if you can spot the poor parenting in action (hint: it happens around the 20 second mark):

Did you spot it?

It was pretty subtle, but if you watch closely…you’ll notice that these parents actually put their child in the washing machine.

I know, right?! How did you miss it the first time, huh?! I assume it’s because it’s one of those mistakes we’ve all made a half-a-dozen times or so.

What’s that? You’ve never put a child in a washing machine?!

Really?! How’s about that?!

I just assumed that this was a pretty common mistake…

Clearly, I’m being just a wee-bit sarcastic about the whole thing, but I am legitimately baffled about how shit like this happens.

I mentioned earlier that children do not come with instruction manuals and that’s completely true.

Washing machines, on the other hand, do come with instruction manuals. They also come plastered in stickers that warn against doing dumb things like—oh I don’t know—putting children inside of them.

I feel like it is long overdue to institute some sort of serious testing program before people are allowed to reproduce…or at the very least, before they’re allowed to leave the hospital with their offspring.

Give people a simple ten question quiz to test their common sense; and if they score anything less than 90% they get no babies. Seems simple enough, right?!

Kids are hard. Common sense shouldn’t be.


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