Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | May 11, 2012

What’s in a Name?

When I was a kid, I wanted to change my name pretty badly.

Jeremiah is not a really cool name to have as a kid.

No one can spell it. Most other kids can’t pronounce it. It makes most adults assume that you come from a crazy religious family or that you’re Amish or something.

Then there’s that f’n song.

Everyone—and I do mean everyone—will inevitably bring up that Three Dog Night song and think that they are the most original mofo on the planet, newsflash, it’s been done. About 30,000 times…this week.


Anyway, that turned into a bit of a rant, the point is that as a kid, I kinda wanted a new name.

As an adult, I’m totally cool with my name. I think that “Jeremiah Graves” has a pretty nice ring to it.

It would look fine in a byline for a major publication. It would look good on the New York Times bestseller list. It would look solid airbrushed on a pair of spandex tights if I eventually become a professional wrestler.

It works.

Not everyone grows into their name like I did, however, and some people still make it a point to change their name as an adult.

Here is one recent example from

A 23-year-old southeast Nebraska man has legally become Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The York News-Times reports that the man entered the York County courtroom on Monday as Tyler Gold and left it with the moniker Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold.

Gold says in his public filing for the change that the dinosaur’s name is cooler. He says that “as an entrepreneur, name recognition is important and the new name is more recognizable.”

Wait a minute…hold the phone…pump the brakes…you can do that?!

You can just change your name to whatever the hell you want?!

I thought I had to change it to, like, Jack Jones or Thomas Timmons or something equally boring, and perhaps slightly less alliterative.

Holy balls, y’all…if I’d know this my name would be Batman McAwesomeness right f’n now.

Man, if only I’d known that was possible. I’m so freakin’ jealous right now.

This T-Rex dude is living the dream.

Although, I suppose it’s too late for me to make this kinda move now.

I mean, I’ve set up the blog in my name. So there’s that.

Aside from some dead guy from the 1800s, I’m pretty much the only person who pops up when you Google my name.

And I’d hate to have to go through and get all of my monogrammed hankies re-stitched.

I suppose, I’ll stick with Jeremiah Graves.

How’s about all of you, if you could change your name to anything, what would it be…hit it up in the comments.



  1. I always liked my first name, but the “meaning” of it in a name book was less than pleasing. I hated my middle name, but I’ve learned to accept it as an adult. We can’t all be named the same boring thing but parents should really consider the future torment their child will have to endure. Of course, if you choose to do it yourself – more power to you


  2. Um…there is a totally appropriate nickname that can be derived off of the name Jeremiah. In fact there are two. Unfortunately you disallow it…not sayin’ just sayin’



    • I didn’t want a nickname as a kid, I wanted a whole new name.

      Plus Jerry and Jeremy blow…totally not my name. I’m all about Jeremiah now. It meshes with my last name like chocolate and vanilla in a twist cone.


  3. Wait your name isn’t just one word…I always thought it was just “Graves”! Wow this is totally blowing my mind right now!!! Mayans you were right it all ends in 2012!!!!


  4. I have always liked my name…in fact, it took me 3 years after I got married to finally change my last name. And I hyphenated it! My hubby, Jeremy, on the other hand, HATED his name growing up! He heard nicknames like “Germ-y” constantly! And some people have a hard time pronouncing it and/or spelling it. As an 80’s kid, he wanted to change his name to something “cooler”, like Donovan or Blane…I’m sooo glad he didn’t! 😉


    • Wow, some of those “cool” names don’t hold up over time do they?!


  5. Jeremiah was a bullfrog!!!


  6. In addition, Mcgriddle Kunkel sounds pretty solid.


  7. I used to want to change my name to Jaime, because everyone in my immediate family has a name that starts with J, except me.


  8. I’ve never really thought about changing my name, except maybe my middle one. I never liked my middle name. But I never thought of a good name to replace it. My daughter, however, when she was about five or six insisted we call her Princess Julia Number Five instead of her given name of Willow. Then she went through a Ruby faze where she wanted to be called by that name. Now she says Willow is just fine, lol.


    • That’s awesome.

      It’s good to see that just about everyone eventually comes around to liking their own name.


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