Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | May 5, 2012

Buy Me Things

Once upon a time, I implored y’all to hook me up with a gigantic gummy bear.

Although I’d still be quite stoked to see that sugar-laden monstrosity show up on my doorstep, I’ve decided to downsize a bit.

That having been said, today I’m switching gears and hoping someone will get me a whole bunch of tiny gummy bears.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about boring, regular ole gummy bears. I’m talking about “EVIL HOT GUMMI BEARS.”

What the hell are Evil Hot Gummi Bears, you ask?

Well, they’re the aforementioned boring, regular ole gummy bears except that they’re infused with a metric buttload of habanero chilies!

Admittedly, these things kinda scare the hell outta me, but I want to try one like nobody’s business.

At the very least, they’d be an awesome thing to have on hand if you’re looking to pull off a diabolical prank of some sort.



  1. Just so we’re clear. This sounds terrible.


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