Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | April 24, 2012

Buy Me Things

No. Words. Necessary.



  1. Could I just make one homemade? Round trip airfare to the “Middle East,” not to mention the political unrest and fact that getting the pizza back through customs and keeping it hot might be an issue sort of make this specific pizza slightly out of my range for this afternoon.


    • I suppose…but you better be able to replicate the Pizza Hut “special sauce.”


  2. Oh Hell Yeah!


  3. Oh FUCK NO.


  4. For most of that ad I thought it was called the CLOWN crust pizza, and that just didn’t make any sense. Now, however, that I see it’s actually the crown crust pizza, I feel a little better about it, name-wise; overall, as a product, it’s horrifying.


    • Horrifying like a fox!

      …wait, that doesn’t make any sense?!


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