Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | April 4, 2012

Every Day with Honey

When I’m on vacation, I don’t have a lot of access to speedy internet and I don’t spend nearly as much time sitting in front of a computer.

As such my blog posts tend to be A) short or B) non-existent.

Today’s post falls into the first category.

I was reading the comics on Sunday and couldn’t help but note a very striking sense of familiarity when I saw the Garfield strip.

Here it be in all of it’s “so true it almost hurts” glory:

(click to enlarge)

This pretty much describes every single day I spend with Honey.

I follow her around with my camera phone at the ready and she doesn’t do anything.

It is, without fail, when my phone is in the other room or tucked in my pocket that she starts juggling knives or speaking perfect Mandarin or doing long division.

She’s a wildcard.


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