Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 31, 2012

This Happened…


I am hopping on a plane in a couple of hours and headed to the land of Taco John’s, pickup trucks, and unironic flannel.

As such, I had to get up pretty early today. This led to me getting dressed in the dark, because Grace was still out cold.

When I left our bedroom in search of my shoes I quickly learned that I’d grabbed a pair of Christmas socks.

Here’s hoping the folks in the security line appreciate ’em.

(Blogger’s Note: I am attempting to post with my phone for the first time…on a shaky bus. Forgive me if the spelling, grammar, and/or formatting are totally f’d.)



  1. At least they’re warm! 😀


    • Definitely warm, no doubts there…and SUPER stylish for the folks in the security line at the airport!


  2. On second thought….maybe too warm. Better air those puppies out.


    • Yeah…they certainly proved to be too warm when I landed back in the Midwest to find temps in the mid-80s after leaving Boston with snow flurries looming.


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