Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 30, 2012

Time Heals All Wounds

All food delivery related wounds, anyway.

A week ago, I learned about the groundbreaking innovation that is, TacoCopter!!

Unfortunately, I also promptly learned that it is merely in the “planning” stages—at best—and the driving force behind the creation is a bit of a nutter-butter.

Needless to say it is years from seeing the light of day.

Obviously, I was heartbroken at the time, but less than a week later, I’m already over it.

TacoCopter is soooooooooooo last week, the VIP Fridge Magnet is the new hotness.

What’s VIP Fridge Magnet you ask, My Faithful Readers?

Well let me tell you—nay—let me show you…in dramatic movie trailer fashion:


And the best part is—unlike that tummy tease, TacoCopter—that this sucker is real.

Tell me you’re not already in love with this thing!

Seriously, try it.

You can’t even form the words, can you?

The folks at give the basics of how this sucker works (and a nifty alternative use idea):

You just sync the VIP Fridge Magnet up with your phone, set up your favourite pizza on the Red Tomato Pizza website and then you’re away – a single click will summon up your favourite slice. But why stop at fridge magnets? Glue a safety pin to the back and you’d have yourself a Star Trek communicator badge that can beam you up a pizza without you even having to make the trip to the fridge.

That’s it. You hit a button. The pizza folks make your favorite pizza. The delivery is synched up with GPS in your phone so they can find your hungry ass, ANYWHERE. They bring you pizza. Blamo. Done. Game over. Pizza in your face.

This is absolute genius technology right here.

We’re talking about a total game-changer!

Unfortunately, it is only in Dubai for the time being, but the fact that it actually, you know, exists bodes really well for the rest of the world.

Suck it, TacoCopter…you’re old news. VIP Fridge Magnet is where it’s at.



  1. I’m a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities


    • I know, right?!

      Pizza. Any time. Any place. At the push of a button.

      Scary…and awesome.


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