Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 30, 2012

Best F’n News of the Day

I have a tendency to rant and rave about my job a lil bit here on the interwebs and on occasion, I have been known to use “adult language.”

Whether it is over on the Tweeterfaces or here on my blog, I’ve gone off a time or two about #librarylife, my co-workers, and plentyopatrons.

As it turns out, all I’m doing is fostering some serious team-building…or something.

Here’s the piece of the story that I’m taking out of context to serve my purpose from the Huffington Post:

The use of expletives in the workplace helps enhance group solidarity and serves as a mechanism for stress relief, according to the study conducted by researchers at the University of East Anglia.

So there you have it.

If I decide to bitch and moan about an annoying co-worker, it’s for everyone’s benefit and makes us a stronger team.

If I want to rant about some annoying patron, I’m turning this place into a well-oiled machine.

If I want to threaten bodily harm against Library Crazies, well, I’m probably crossing a line and risking a lawsuit of some sort…but I’m helping perk office morale whilst crossing that line.

So go forth a curse like a sailor my friends, your boss will thank you for it!*

*Note: Your boss probably won’t thank you for it and you might have to talk with the folks in human resources.



  1. Hell yeah it does. It’s not a good day at work if I can’t use all the major profanities to describe patrons and their behavior.


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