Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 3, 2012

Getting to Know Honey

The other day I wrote about our adventures in adopting Honey.

We’ve had her for just about a week now and we’re starting to get to know her pretty well.

Here’s a quick rundown of some things we’ve learned:

Burgeoning Superpowers

We keep shocking one another. All of the wintery static-electricity in our apartment has resulted in us shocking Honey damn near every single time we touch her. She has yet to flip her shit over the incessant stream of mini-electrocutions she’s received, but I fear it is because she’s biding her time. The shocks may be giving her some sort of superpower that will allow her to simply zap us with her eyes and lay claim to all of the food in the house.

Get Physical…Physical

Exercise may prove to be an issue. One look at her picture indicates that Honey is carrying a little extra junk in the trunk. At the shelter she was staying at they had a big outdoor kennel thing where the cats could all go out and run around and do their psycho cat things. Inside the facility it was a veritable jungle-gym.

In our tiny apartment we’re somewhat lacking in the jungle-gym and kennel departments. What we do have are lots of comfy places to sleep. She has shown a particular fondness for our super cozy reading chair and our bed thus far. We’ve tried playing with her a bit already to get her moving, but she’s got the skill-set of a middle-aged, overweight cat down to an art form.

If you’ve never seen this in action, it means that for the most part is just means that she stays laying down whilst you flail things at her. Rather than chase them or jump at them, she just paws at them. If she catches it, she’s stoked. If she doesn’t, she forgets about it immediately until it swings by her face again. No need to give chase, it always comes back.


She is constantly purring.

Pretty much the entire first day we had her all she did was wander around the apartment purring like crazy. The purring has rarely stopped since then.

We’re taking this as a good sign…that or she just doesn’t understand how purring works?!

Adapting to Inside

The first morning in our house, she got kinda pissy when she wanted to go outside. When I politely informed her that wasn’t an option, she bit me and bit me good. I’ve gotten a few “love nibbles” thus far, but this was her first really good, really deep chomp she took. She responded by then coming up and rubbing faces with me and purring. Getting mad at her may prove to be a daunting task.

She has made a few slow and curious moves toward the door thus far, but nothing that makes me think she’s a major jailbreak candidate. She did, however, only need about three days to adapt to the dog gate we got to keep her from the door.

When I came home on Thursday night there she was standing on the wrong side of the gate and sniffing at the snowy air the second I opened the door. She’s chunky, but she can still jump.

We could get her one of those cat harness things and take her out to walk, but our neighborhood is full of broken glass and some other neighborhood cats that may have diseases or fleas or whatever and we don’t want that. Plus one of the main reasons we dig cats more than dogs is the lack of maintenance (ie: taking them for a walk).

Gassy Girl

She’s got some bad toots. I want to chalk it up to nerves and stress or something, but that’s mostly because I’m hoping she won’t be habitually dropping these stench bombs.

The first night in particular she just wandered around crop dusting the entire apartment with cat toots.

Seriously, it’s like a frat house the morning after a kegs and eggs party. If this keeps up, I’m thinking that in lieu of a collar, we might just get her one of those pine tree air-freshener things and hang that around her neck.

Sleepy Times

She is very much content to just hang out around you and nap. When she does, she snores. It is the cutest thing of all-time, ever. Period.

She has also slept in bed with us every night since we brought her home and seems to have laid claim to the bed as one of her favorite daytime nap spots as well. In fact, she’ll occasionally seem somewhat annoyed that we’re both taking up so much space in the bed at night.

I fear she may slay us to have the entire thing to herself.

Pretty Kitty

She’s just so damned pretty!

I want to take a picture of pretty much everything she’s ever done.

Here’s the currently still very limited—due to amazing amounts of self-control—photo album over at Facebook for those of you who want to take a peek.

That’s all for now, but rest-assured, there will be many, many, many, many, many more posts about this precious orange gal in the future.



  1. She sounds just like my orange cat (who died from an explosion to his insides). Mine was named Stinker, and he farted his entire life. But he was the best kitty ever.


  2. Honey post! YES! #honey is a new blog lead!!!


  3. Congratulations on getting your kitty finally. I’m sure she’ll be a great addition to you lives. We’ve had our little guy for 3.5 years now and I can’t imagine not having him around.


    • Thank you!

      Yeah, she has been a great addition so far. We’re super pumped to have finally taken the plunge.


  4. Interesting! I’ve had plenty of gassy dogs, but never a gassy cat. And here I thought their farts must smell better than ours…

    But congrats on the new kitty. You are obviously fully immersed in the “new kitty aura”. I’m glad she’s fitting in so well!


    • Luckily, she’s grown less gassy over time. I think we were right and it was mostly just “new family” jitters.


  5. First of all, you got me hooked with the cuteness factor because she really is a beautiful cat. 2nd, why will the word “toot” never cease to be hilarious? And I am not ashamed (though I probably should be) to admit that anything related to “tooting” makes me giggle like an elementary school kid.


    • No worries, I’ve had plenty of people tell me the same thing. Apparently, “toot” is just an amazing buzzword for comedy, who knew?!


  6. […] Honey is a bit of a chunker, but how in the hell do you let a cat get to 39 […]


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