Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 27, 2012

Dubstep Cat Wins the Internet

My Faithful Readers, the battle for internet supremacy is over.

Dubstep Cat has officially pulled the sword from the stone as it were and is now your new god. Deal with it.

Who is Dubstep Cat you ask?

Well, by golly…let me show you:

There is very little I can add to the discussion here to try and make this video more awesome than it already is.

Luckily, the fine folks over at Jezebel hit on this earlier this afternoon and pretty much summed it up perfectly:

Ok, folks. It’s been a good run. Pack it on up. There’s no use trying to accomplish anything else as a human species. Dubstep Cat is the apex of billions of years of evolution and innovation and thousands of years of human creativity, and after this, we should all go home and congratulate ourselves.

Personally, I don’t know what the hell dubstep is or why on earth anyone would listen to it—seriously, it feels like my ears are being raped by a robot constructed entirely of sadness and the old dial-up internet noise—but I do know that watching this cat made me laugh so hard that I may or may not have peed myself in my office this afternoon.

And that’s enough for me to go ahead and tip my hat to this fantastic feline.

Dubstep Cat – 1
The Rest of the Internet – 0


  1. I smiled, but didn’t laugh. I hope that doesn’t make me a horrible person.


    • I think you’re okay on this one.

      I’m prone to breakdowns of laughter at the end of a long day and I’d spent the previous hour or so doing nothing but looking at cats up for adoption…this video was guaranteed to push all right buttons.

      …aside from the God-awful music that is.


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