Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 21, 2012

Happy National Hugging Day!

My Faithful Readers, today is National Hugging Day.

That’s right, there is a holiday—and it’s legit—that is dedicated entirely to hugging.

If you’ve never heard of it before, don’t feel bad, neither had I until about ten minutes ago.

What I’ve gleaned from the official website and Wikipedia is about what you’d expect, today is a good ole day to go out and get your huggin’ on.

Here’s a quick rundown from the Huffington Post:

Founded in 1986 by Kevin Zaborney (the website for the holiday says he is sometimes called the Ambassador of Hugs!) National Hug Day falls in between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, every year. In other words, a bright spot in a dismal stretch, the antidote to what’s come to be known as Blue Monday.

If you know me in the real world (read: outside of the interwebs) you know that I’m a big fan of hugs.

Big hugs. Small hugs. Bear hugs. Otter hugs. Group hugs. Long hugs. Short hugs. One-armed hugs. Bro hugs. Pat on the back hugs. Drunken hugs. Sad hugs. Happy hugs. Birthday hugs. Random Tuesday hugs. Hello hugs. Goodbye hugs. I dig ‘em all.

I’m a total hugaholic.

Luckily, unlike my addiction to cheeseburgers, my insatiable desire for hugs is actually good for me as numerous studies have shown all-kinds of crazy benefits from hugging:

…studies show that folks who are regularly hugged by their close friends and family have reduced heart rates, lower blood pressure, increased nerve activity and more upbeat moods. A survey of successful marriages even showed that hugging and touching (not sexual intercourse), were the key factors in keeping the relationship long-lasting.

If you keep reading all of the benefits they mention that hugs can bust out more positive juju than frequenting church. Another study said that peeps who are getting their hugs on the regular are two times as likely to refer to their mental health as first rate.

So there you have it, folks…hugs are totally bad-ass and can pretty much help you live forever (or something…I don’t really get science) all the while you get to hug someone and feel awesome.

Now get out there and hug someone today!

(Author’s Note: You should maybe ask the person first, you know, just in case…)



  1. KITTEN!

    Um, was there a blog after that picture?


    • I quit paying attention after the kitten too…no worries.


  2. Favorite kitty photo ever


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